We at EWR are immensely proud to announce the release of the latest EWR release, namely Winkle Time by Acolytes Action Squad. Wed heard sneaky whispers and rumours about this album over the past few years. Did it really exist? Well, here is the proof. Over 5 years in the making, the album is finally with us! This release is a co-production with Terraas Recordings


Ac.Ac.Sq are The Essence and Ditchus, currently resident in Sheffield, UK. They create a sound that is full of broken balladry, primitive song-craft, noise-music and intensely beautiful sound poetry. This stuff is really difficult to describe, but probably best put in the words of Alex Neilson who kindly wrote the press-release:


It recalls the meticulously deconstructed miniatures of astral arbiters such as Alastair Galbraith or Peter Jefferies. In fact, on Winkle Time, a whole spectrum of avant traditions are reconstituted and pished out again. This disk dont really sound like anything ever to have been sired in the City of Steel.amen to that!


This release is limited to 350 copies, with 2-colour hand-printed sleeves, and a full-colour insert.


Just so you know, both have been otherwise known as part of the Hot Snack art-rock group. The Essence is also a member of the Broken Blackbird Ensemble, and Ditchus has recently contributed vocals to one of the new Big Eyes Family Players albums.



The Yak's Head Pts 1-2 - mp3


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