‘The Improvised Killing of Uncle Faustus and other Mythologies’ is David A Jaycock’s first collection of solo recordings.


Over the last two years, David has not so much worked on, rather ‘immersed himself’ in these recordings, with only his love of classical forms (especially baroque), folk and ghostly experimentalism for company.


All instruments on the 14-track mini-album are played by David, including classical guitar, piano, strings, analogue keyboards and drums. He sings a little too. An overall sound description would be a tall order, but suffice to say there are waves of sinister fairground melodies, a touch of flamenco, intricate chamber-pieces, 70s BBC drama atmospheres and some blurry  folksong. If you are grasping for a comparison then look perhaps to Broadcast or possibly the Incredible String Band (only in miniature).


He has been a key member of Pickled Egg recording artistes  Big Eyes since 2003 and is also part of The Big Eyes Family Players, The Broken Blackbird Ensemble and Bingo Jesus.


Produced by Andrés Sottorio and David A Jaycock in Manchester, UK 2006

All songs by DAJ, copyright DAJ 2006



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