EWR1 James Green ? Tempers CD mini-album (250 copies in lino-print sleeve)

Delicate and gentle as a passing breeze, the first solo record from James Green (of Big Eyes) is a graceful assemblage of instrumental sketches that will appeal to all who appreciate the plaintive beauty of the classical guitar. Those familiar with Big Eyes' discography will recognise James' unmistakeable grasp for simple, affecting melody, here presented with an honest, confessional simplicity, which commands attention. All pieces are first or second take and are either solo guitar or two tracks maximum. By consciously limiting himself to this instrument and these techniques, James has developed a sound that might complement the New Folk troubadours currently emerging from the US such as Jack Rose or Ben Chasny (Six Organs of Admittance), but with a lightness of touch almost absent in any of those guitarists' work. Let it be said that this is closer to the work of Mick Turner (Dirty Three), John Williams, Bert Jansch, Eric Satie or Debussy than Fahey, Kottke, Basho or other names so often paraded but rarely equalled. Packaged in a tasteful hand-printed slip case and limited to 250 copies, this release serves a beautiful companion piece to the most recent Big Eyes album 'We have no need for voices when our hearts can sing' released on Pickled Egg earlier this year.